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Realacc QQX-130 130mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit with PDB for RC Drone

Realacc QQX-130 130mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit with PDB for RC Drone

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Product Specification

Realacc QQX-130 130mm Carbon Fiber Frame Kit with PDB for RC Drone

Brand: Realacc
Wheelbase: 130mm
Weight: 45 grams
Bottom: 2.5MM
On the board: 1.5MM
Motor mounting hole: 12x16
Flight control mounting hole: 30.5x30.5
Recommend parts: (not included)
Motor: 1104-1306
Paddle: 3030,3045

Package included:
1 x Realacc QQX-130 130mm Frame Kit

Product Specification

  • Motor mounting hole : 12x16

  • Bottom : 2.5MM

  • Weight : 45 grams

  • Wheelbase : 130mm


Average rating:
4.9 / 5.0
Great frame, good enough carbon and overall build quality. Would've been nice to see it come with an option to install 20x20mm boards and cubes. That didn't bother me much, since I wanted to run it with the Racerstar Tattoo F4S, but that could help save some weight and offer a more versatile frame. Its weight is its only flaw - which is an acceptable trade-off for what you are getting. It comes with cheap screws which have been replaced with some nice carbon steel screws. I also replaced the stand-offs with red knurled stand-offs but this was just to complement the theme of the quad, sort of... Screws and stand-offs are from Suleve are of outstanding quality. The screws that come with it are no good. Also I had to do quite a bit of modding but it's mainly due to my needs and components, so it's not the frames fault. 1. I used only one stand-off in the rear so I had to drill a hole for it. This is due to the Racerstar TattooF4S which I had to rotate 180° for the USB port to point to the rear. With 2 stand-offs it would've been inaccessible. 2. I first installed the camera in its intended position but due to the large 12mm lense it wouldn't fit in between the front stand-offs. Moving the stand-offs apart would make them collide with the props. So I swapped the upper stand-off with the camera, moving it down where the cam is actually intended to be... That said, a camera with an 8mm lense would fit flawlessly in there. Motors: Props: FC/ESC AIO: Receiver: VTX: Cam: Foxeer Monster V2
October 31, 2017
Bonsoir je suis satisfait du produit de bonne qualité. Cordialement
October 16, 2017
October 12, 2017
This looks like to be a shrunken down version of the x210 style frames that I like very much. Only 2.5mm on the main plate, but for this size that should be ok. Lightweight with plenty of space inside the frame for components. I runn this with the Racerstar 4-1 esc and the emax 1306
October 12, 2017
Bin sehr positiv überrascht.Für diesen Kurs ist der 130iger Rahmen unschlagbar. Ihm liegt sogar ein Matek PDB + 1 Akku Strip bei.Preis/ Leistung *********. Dabei ist selbst die Qualität super
October 11, 2017
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